Strategic Marketing Consulting 
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Marketing Strategy & Consulting
Decades of Strategic Marketing Experience

Our leadership team has nearly four decades of strategic marketing experience. We have a keen understanding of what consumers desire and how they interact with brands. We studiously keep track of marketing trends and apply them to our strategies. More importantly, we know how to adjust approaches to fit our clients’ unique needs.

Marketing is never a one-size-fits-all solution – it requires innovative thinking and adaptation. Our versatility means we can handle anything you throw at us. From digital strategies to traditional marketing, we give our customers the tools they need to branch out into new markets and solidify their existing customers. A stronger brand is a few conversations away.

Brand Consulting

We can build your brand from the ground up and develop a cohesive and eye-catching visual identity. We can also revitalize existing brands. Then we fold our branding efforts into additional marketing strategies for an all-in-one marketing approach.


One thing remains true: communication will always be essential. What changes is how we communicate. JSK Marketing has mastered the art of email marketing, strategic communication and other strategies to deliver your brand to the right audiences in the right places.


Are you gearing up for an important conference? We can design promotional materials, tradeshow booths and set up email campaigns to help you get the most out of your events. We can also help plan and manage logistics from beginning to end – ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Digital Marketing Consulting

From search engine optimization to website management, developing an online voice is critical to your long-term success. We can help extend an established brand into the far reaches of the Internet and draw in new customers. Our team can also combine our other services with digital marketing tactics to create a new brand and introduce it to the world through tools like email marketing, social media and digital ads.

Reputation Management

Word-of-mouth communication has always been integral to success. In the digital age, understanding how to generate positive feedback is even more crucial. Many businesses struggle to amplify their message and create brand awareness. JSK Marketing understands how to get your company in all the right places, such as Google My Business, Yelp and more. These listings put your company front and center in search results and help drive business.
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