Event Management
Event Management

Events can be a highly impactful way to connect with current and potential customers. JSK Marketing has the team you need to ensure your corporate event, no matter the size, goes off without a hitch and reflects your brand from beginning to end. Whether headed to Vegas for a tradeshow or looking to bring your sales team to town for a strategic planning meeting, we’re here to take the stress away so you can focus on getting the ROI you need from the event.

Tradeshow Support
JSK Marketing offers invaluable guidance and support to businesses looking to make a significant impact at tradeshows and industry events. These services are designed to help you navigate the complexities of tradeshow planning, strategy and execution. We provide expert advice on booth design, logistics, promotional materials, staffing and pre-show marketing strategies. From helping select the right shows to maximizing return on investment, our tradeshow consulting services empower companies to make the most of their tradeshow opportunities and achieve tangible business results
Corporate Meeting Planning
From conferences and seminars to product launches and company retreats, we have the experience to ensure seamless execution and exceptional attendee experiences for your events. From venue and vendor selection to event logistics, program development, branding and attendee engagement we know what it takes to hold a successful event.
Graphic Assets & Branded Merchandise
Whether you're organizing a tradeshow, conference, employee retreat or corporate event, having visually appealing assets is crucial for capturing attention and creating a memorable experience. Our team can create event assets such as banners, posters, signage, badges and other promotional materials to draw your audience in and leave lasting impressions. We can also curate branded merchandise for attendees for use during and long after the event closes. We focus on affordable items that have practical use, ensuring that your brand remains in front of your attendees long after events conclude.
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