Digital Advertising
Digital Advertising

JSK Marketing offers a wide array of innovative digital marketing techniques to amplify your reach in new and existing markets. It has never been more important to forge an identity online. We can help by developing cultivated strategies that play to your strengths and increase the bond between you and your fans – as well as create new ones. Allow us to connect you with new customers and usher in a new era for your business.

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Digital Advertising Strategies
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • SMART Social Ads
  • Targeted Display Ads, including Retargeting Ads, Geofencing & more
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • OTT
  • Cross-Channel Advertising
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Smarter Ad Campaigns
SEM campaigns describe paid search ads on platforms like Google and Bing. They are an excellent short-term strategy for maximizing your visibility in crowded search results. SEM ads provide an instant payoff, increased brand awareness and are easy to implement. We can create a paid search campaign that emphasizes specific keywords relating to your business and ensure potential consumers searching for those goods find you. Because of their flexibility, these campaigns are perfect for a wide variety of clients and overall advertising strategies.
Visually-Engaging Display Ads for the Digital Sphere
Display ads – also called banner ads – incorporate a range of elements into one captivating package. We integrate them across the Internet, including on social media platforms, websites, and apps. The goal is to draw potential customers by capitalizing on online user browsing habits. We understand that online users respond to beautiful visuals, so we create engaging advertisements. Our team integrates your brand into our strategies. Most importantly, we provide you with the tools you need to track your ad campaign’s success and give your company measurable results.
Reach More Users with Cleverly-Deployed Social Media Ads
Social media is an excellent tool for businesses. While regularly sharing Facebook status updates, tweeting routinely, and creating a visual brand on Instagram are important, social media ads are essential. They take your social media strategies and maximize them, enabling you to reach beyond your followers. Most importantly, they are cost effective and deliver instant results. We know how to create campaigns that build on your brand and result in higher conversion rates and enhanced customer satisfaction.
Convert Visitors to Lifelong Customers Through Retargeting
Roughly two percent of click-through website traffic results in a sale on an initial visit. Complicating matters is the web user tendency to view online stores before they’re ready to pull the trigger on a purchase. Retargeting ads counteract these consumer tendencies and remind them why your brand and products are essential. We create digital strategies that display advertisements through the web, based on a users’ visit to your store. In other words, when potential customers view your website and leave without buying, they will see digital advertisements for your products. Studies have shown that retargeting helps reverse low conversion rates.
We Help You Innovate with Google Shopping Ads​
Google Shopping Ads have become essential to businesses who create and sell marketable products. They appear in two places: Google Shopping and at the top of Google search results. Merchants can highlight their products and brands by placing them front-and-center wherever consumers can see them. They are both efficient and manageable, as they deliver results in a customizable package. Rather than creating a set of keywords and working to integrate them into search results, Google decides which ones are relevant based on your product. They also allow strategic tweaks and changes.
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